The Update — February 22 –

This month we’re excited to announce updates to the sender experience, our Airdrops product, and more.

1. What’s new

In January we announced the launch of Airdrops. Airdrops allow blockchain projects to grow their community with cryptocurrency early adopters by giving 100,000+ users a free trial of any new coin or token. Senders use Airdrops to simply give away new tokens, or to get early adopters to earn their tokens by doing various tasks — like inviting other users, performing labor for the projects, or giving back in other ways.

One piece of feedback we heard from our community is that people wanted an easier way to subscribe and unsubscribe from Airdrop tasks. We heard you loud and clear, and this month we made it easier to subscribe and unsubscribe to Airdrop tasks.

Subscribe to Airdrops

To receive notifications on the latest token Airdrops happening on, visit in your web browser. Next, click on Edit Profile

Finally, enter your Ethereum ERC-20 token compatible wallet address you’d like to receive your tokens at, enter your Telegram username, and hit Join

That’s it! You will now be eligible to receive token Airdrop tasks.

When you complete an Airdrop task, you will receive both the Airdrop tokens and be paid in bitcoin!

Unsubscribe from Token Airdrops

To unsubscribe from all Airdrop alerts, go to in your web browser and click on Edit Profile. Next, scroll down to the Airdrops section, and click Leave to remove yourself from Airdrop alerts.

Instant account verification

On we verify users to confirm they are who they say they are. Historically, we individually verified each user. This worked well but took some time, especially as our userbase has grown.

This month, we introduced a vastly improved instant verification process with just two simple steps. By simply linking your LinkedIn account and an institutional email address to your account, you can get instantly verified and start receiving more paid tasks.

Instantly verify your account by linking your LinkedIn account and an institutional email address.

Rich text task editor

With our new compose options, now you can customize the appearance of your tasks to increase engagement.

The rich text editor includes: title styling, bold and italic text, hyperlinks, numbered and bulleted lists, and the ability to upload images.

We invite you to learn about for business and sign up today to try out our new rich-text editor. It is great for hiring engineers, fundraising, finding social media users to test your app, and more.

2. in the news

Our recent Airdrops product launch was covered by The Blockchain. Airdrops are a new way for blockchain entrepreneurs to give 100,000+ users a free trial of any new coin or token. If you haven’t already registered to get your free token Airdrops, sign up for today. This week for example, CanYa distributed thousands of CAN tokens to over 16,000 new members of their community via an Airdrop.

CryptoKitties announced the release of a special edition collectible kitty named Earnie, named in our honor for winning Product Hunt’s Crypto Product of the Year. We’re absolutely in love with this fancy cat 😻

Meet Earnie! Thanks, CryptoKitties!

Inc. Magazine published an article featuring “Now You Can Earn Cryptocurrency for Opening Your Email”

3. Next steps

Use for your business lets you pay people to reply to emails, with 30–60 percent response rates within 24–48 hours. Companies use us to advertise their products or services, recruit employees, and get feedback. To learn more about how we can help you, contact [email protected].

Use Airdrops to grow your blockchain community

Airdrops are a new way for blockchain entrepreneurs to give 100,000+ users a free trial of any new coin or token. An Airdrop is an efficient way for the founders of new blockchain projects to bootstrap communities by giving away free tokens. If you are interested in launching an Airdrop campaign on, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll set up a custom campaign just for you!

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