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Find users or lists of users — and pay them to reply

When you search for people on the web, you can’t always find their contact information. Sometimes you can find their Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook profiles, but an email that they’ll actually respond to is hard to come by. An entire industry exists to solve this problem — searching for people, finding their email, and being persistent enough re-engaging them in hopes that they will reply to you. However, response rates for this are low (1.7% on average for cold emails), it requires several different tools, and takes valuable time to manage.

We believe part of the problem is with incentives: people currently have no incentive to be found in a web search. At, we’ve come up with an alternative approach — people can set a price to be contacted, and get paid when they reply to inbound messages.

Last year, we took a first crack at this problem by rolling out a simple search engine at where you could search for individual users to contact and incentivize replies from with a paid message. Today we’re excited to announce the largest update to our search product since then — the ability to create custom lists of users you want to contact using advanced search tagging and get a reply from them in one seamless experience.

Here’s how it works:

Use to find users and pay them to reply

You can search for people by keyword, company, job title, domain name, or other variables. Once you’ve found enough people you’re interested in contacting, you can send a message to them all at once and pay them to reply to reply or fill out surveys. Importantly, all of them have opted-in to read messages outside their network for a fee, so the response rates are high.

Empirically, we find that senders get response rates >30% within 24 hours for $1 incentives, and >70% within 24 hours given $10 incentives. This holds true even for messages with many thousands of recipients, and is extraordinarily high relative to the 1.7% response rates for typical cold emails. As such, any business that sends cold email or conducts surveys can benefit from

As the sender, you pay only if they reply to your email which means that you’re able to get definitive responses quickly and make data driven decisions without waiting days or weeks for replies.

Don’t buy email lists. Buy replies

Ways you can use search

  • Market research — Send a paid survey to hundreds or thousands of highly targeted people. Search by interests such as snowboarding, travel, food, and more. Target individuals from specific companies or universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Google, and Facebook by adding those keywords as additional search queries. Stop sending cold emails and start getting responses.
Use’s search feature to source and hire software engineers
  • Sourcing and hiring — Stand out from other recruiters by incentivizing top tier talent to reply to you. Find software engineers, product designers, product managers, and other hard to find talent. Narrow down your search by adding additional keywords, such as google to find product managers that work at Google. Looking for students from Stanford University? Simply enter the keywordscomputer science , stanford , and student .
Easily source and hire talent using the new search feature with advanced targeting.
  • BD and sales prospecting — Stop sending cold emails and start getting responses. messages have a response rate of 30–60% in 24 hours. Our users represent some of the top companies in the world in fields such as sales, BD, marketing, product management, executive management, engineering. Use advanced searches to only contact relevant leads using queries that narrow down the results based on the company, location, or individual characteristics like department or title.
  • Raise capital — Search for experienced, verified investors from venture capital firms, or for individual angel investors. Narrow down your search by a particular region by entering location keywords such as China or San Francisco. Already have a list of investors you want to target for fundraising? Search for each person, add them to your cart, and contact them all at once. With, you’ll only pay for replies.

We’d love to know what you think about our new advanced search feature, and learn more about how you’re using it. Please send your comments to [email protected], or join our Facebook community. We hope you enjoy!

Get help setting up a custom campaign lets you pay people to reply to emails, with 30–60% response rates in 24–48 hours. Organizations use our platform to advertise their products or services, recruit employees, and get feedback. To learn more about how we can help you contact [email protected].

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