Nov 15, 2017 –

1. What’s new is now

We recently changed our name: is now Our product is unchanged, as you still earn digital currency for replying to emails and completing tasks, and you can still earn tokens for signing up for our token launch later this year. But we think “” gets that concept across more quickly than “”, especially to folks who are new to digital currency!

Read more about the new on Product Hunt

The Gmail integration

The Gmail integration allows you to bounce emails from users outside your contact list and let them to pay to reach you. The motivation behind the integration is that marketers, recruiters, salespeople, and other types of senders of unsolicited commercial email now have an easy way to compensate you for reading and replying to their messages.

According to a Huffington Post survey, US workers spend on average 6.3 hours per day checking email. Our new Gmail integration will help get you to inbox zero, and get you paid along the way.

Updated apps for iOS and Android

In the new versions of our mobile apps you can manage your Gmail bounce settings directly from the app, and we’ve squashed some bugs to make the app more reliable. If you don’t have them already, you can download the mobile apps here: iOS, Android.

Install on iOS and Android to earn digital currency from anywhere in the world!

Improvements to signups, lists, and mobile login

We’ve given our signup flow an overhaul, making it easier than ever to get started using We’ve also added new questions for applying to lists and made it less likely to get logged out of the app on mobile.

Faster verifications

Due to a large increase in new user registrations, our verification queues have become longer than we’d like them to be. As a result, we’re working on several improvements to speed up user and list verification. Please be patient and we’ll get to your verification shortly; in the meantime, go check out for our community forum.

2. What’s in beta

Get beta access to new features

If you want to gain early access to new features like referrals, go ahead and join You’ll get paid tasks from us and others to do user testing! You should also join our Facebook community to participate in the discussion.

Referrals (in beta)

Some of our beta testers will notice a new ‘Referrals’ link in their dashboard. If this feature is enabled on your account, you can earn $0.10 worth of bitcoin for each friend you invite that signs up and gets verified. Go try it out!

The average Gmail user has over 1,000 contacts. At $0.10 per verified signup, that’s over $100 in bitcoin!

3. in the News

Product Hunt was recently featured as the top product of the day on Product Hunt. You like us, you really like us! Check it out here.

Check out on Product Hunt in The Control newsletter:

I continue to believe that creating new earning opportunities globally may prove to be the most impactful aspect of blockchains. This trend is likely to manifest itself in many different ways over time, but the microtasks marketplace created by Earn is one of the first.

Credit Suisse and

Here’s video of a talk we gave at Credit Suisse on blockchain a few weeks ago.

Dreamforce and

We gave a keynote talk on the topic of “Making Blockchain Useful For The Enterprise at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event. This year, Dreamforce brought over 150,000 attendees to San Francisco!

4. Next Steps

Use for your business lets you pay people to reply to emails, with 30–60% response rates in 24 hours. Organizations use our platform to advertise their products or services, recruit employees, and get feedback. To learn more about how we can help you, contact [email protected].

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