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Now you can automatically verify your account to receive more paid tasks.

At, senders pay users to reply to emails and complete tasks. Some senders want to reach famous VCs, and others want to email lists of Ethereum holders or JavaScript programmers, but in most cases they want to ensure that the users they’re reaching are indeed who they say they are — which requires some form of user verification.

Historically, we individually verified each user. This worked well but took some time, especially as our userbase has grown. As of today, we’ve rolled out a vastly improved instant verification process with just two simple steps:

  1. Link an existing LinkedIn account
  2. Verify access to an institutional email address like [email protected] or [email protected] (but not [email protected])

Once verified, you will get a black ‘Verified’ checkmark on your profile and receive more paid messages and tasks.

For users who haven’t gotten verified yet, we’ll be rolling out a user verification task to the entire userbase, so wait for the notification from For new users who want detailed instructions on how to verify your account, keep reading.

How to get verified at

1. Log in to and open the verification task

All new users to should see a task like this when they log in:

2. Link your LinkedIn profile

Next, link your LinkedIn account to populate your job title, company name, and description. This helps us verify you, and also helps you get more paid messages because senders can now find you via

3. Add an institutional email

Finally, verify an institutional email to confirm that you belong to a company, university, or other organization.

Good examples of institutional email addresses include [email protected], [email protected]edu, or [email protected]. These are work or school email addresses at high-reputation domains.

Conversely, examples of email addresses that do not qualify as institutional email addresses include free email accounts (like [email protected] or [email protected]) or email addresses at fly-by-night domains (like [email protected]). The reason is that free emails are easy to create, and as such aren’t scarce enough to provide a valuable verification signal.

Please note that while you are welcome to sign up with an address from a free email provider like Gmail, and use that as the primary channel by which you get notifications, you’ll have to link a secondary institutional email address to get instantly verified.

4. Submit the verification task

Once you’ve added your LinkedIn and email, simply submit the verification task:

Get Verified

After submitting your verification task, your account will automatically be reviewed by our system. If accepted, your profile will be instantly verified. You can check your verified status by looking for a black checkmark displayed on your avatar.

What if I don’t link my LinkedIn and add an institutional email?

Without adding a LinkedIn profile and institutional email to your account, we’ll be unable to instantly verify your account.

Instead of instant verification, your account will be queued for a manual review by our team and waitlisted.

Unverified profiles have a ? icon displayed on their avatar

If we are unable to verify your profile, your account will be waitlisted. In the meantime, you can still use the following features of


By simply linking your LinkedIn account and an institutional email address to your account, you can get instantly verified and start receiving more paid tasks. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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